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Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine-variable welding modes optional Multi-station DP ultrasonic welding machine with rotary table Mechanical punching and hot plate welding assembly line Ultrasonic edge cutting machine(low pressure plastics) Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine-billiard type Mechanical punching and ultrasonic welding machine Auxiliary fasia console ultrasonic welding machine ?Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine-pistol type Bumper ultrasonic punching and welding machine Mechanical punching and glue sticking machine Ultrasonic punching and glue sticking machine Grille and bumper ultrasonic welding machine Ultrasonic cutting machine for edge cutting Ultrasonic punching and welding machine Single robot ultrasonic welding machine DP assembly ultrasonic welding machine Manipulator ultrasonic welding machine Dual robots ultrasonic welding machine Textile cutting (into strips) machine Auto-lamp ultrasonic welding machine Ultrasonic welding machine for metal Hand-held ultrasonic welding machine Standard Ultrasonic welding machine Standard ultrasonic welding machine Ultrasonic machine for edge banding Low temperature high pressure type Bumper ultrasonic welding machine Spoiler automatic gluing system Tire (molding) cutting machine Welding and tool assembly line Gluing/sticking assembly line DP ultrasonic welding machine Heat riveting welding machine IP ultrasonic welding machine Plastics edge cutting machine Ultrasonic welding equipment Hot plate welding equipment Mechanical punching machine Ultrasonic punching machine Threshold punching machine Ultrasonic cutting machine Ultrasonic welding machine Vibration welding machine Hot plate welding machine Infrared welding machine Parts assembly tool line Punching/welding machine Ultrasonic welding tool Bumper punching machine Hydraulic vertical type Pneumatic vertical type Auxiliary fasia console Three-axis manipulator Heat staking equipment Servo horizontal type High temperature type Laser welding machine Ultrasonic embedding Food cutting machine Single/dual robot(s) Servo vertical type Punching equipment Non-contact type Nonstandard type Nonstandard tool A,B,C,D pillar Engine cover Oil cylinder General type Rotary type IP assembly Luggage box Linear type Door panel Tire cover Dial plate Threshold Auto-lamp Air duct Backrest Riveting Welding Bumper